The perspective you need to drive strategic change.

Access to practical analysis and a realistic view about what can be accomplished can make all the difference. That’s what drives our approach to solving short and long term challenges in the area of finance, operations, administration and constituent management. We deliver a custom solution designed to fit your needs, your timetable, and your budget. We’re on your side from start to finish.

Strategic Planning and Alternative Solutions

  • Asset wind-downs

Liquidity Management

  • Cash forecasting
  • Business plan reviews
  • Debt covenant pressure relief

Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Business plan development and analysis
  • Margin and profitability analysis
  • Capital investment analysis

Operations and Performance Improvement

  • Top-line growth strategies
  • Cost optimization
  • Outsourcing alternatives
  • Supply chain management

Interim Management

  • Start-up Operations
  • Unexpected management transitions
  • Perception and credibility issues